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Welcome to the The Infinite Labyrinth!

This is a reference website for The Infinite Labyrinth. It will be populated by the author, but you can contribute if you want to! Just suggest new pages and articles. There are currently 307 pages.

The Infinite Labyrinth is a fantasy litRPG webnovel that explores an alternate history. What if, in 1800, Five Gates opened on Earth, leading to a seemingly endless realm that obeys rules straight out of a MMORPG? For a few, this is an opportunity for massive personal powers. For the lucky countries, this is access to new materials, sources of power to fuel the nascent Industrial Revolution, and an expansion of technology.

With history upended, everything changes. Until the unexpected happens...

Spoiler Warning!

This wiki contains descriptions and events occurring up to the current chapter on Royal Road. Do not read if you are not up to date with the story and do not want to be spoiled.

Notably, some pages may contain implicit confirmation of elements included but not confirmed in-story.

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